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Isarnetz-Award: Please vote for Munich Greeter

isarnetzThe Munich Greeters are blogging for one year now – about everything, that might interesst Munich visitors. And since we think that our blog is a good one, we take part in the Isarnetz-Award.

And guess what? We were chosen out of 40 blogs and websites and directly set on the short list. Now we need your help: Please vote for us – would be great to win the Isarnetz award. Vote here

Here are some good reasons, why our blog is really great
Munich Beer off the beaten path
Munich – Capital of cyclists or capital of Rambo-cyclists?

We are very happy if you like our blog and vote enthusiastically for us ;)!

Isarnetz Award and Munich Webweek
The Isarnetz-Award will be handed over at the second Webweek Munich. During this week, companies, organizations, agencies and startups from the Bavarian capital offer numerous lectures and workshops. The Munich Webweek is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and supported by the Department of Labor and Economic Development of the City of Munich and the Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Isar Munich Network is an initiative of various organizations and businesses with the goal of strengthening the Internet economy in Munich. Isar network sees itself as a public platform where all those who operate in this market, can exchange ideas and network with each other.

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