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The “long night of music” 2013

PianoIt’s here again… the “long night of music”.

What is that?
The title reveals it already … you will get a whole night fully packed with music. But not instant-music from digital files, streamed over speakers – no, live concerts!

Many, many artists are doing concerts in about 100 locations in the entire city – live. But not only discotheques and clubs bring live artists to their rooms, also special locations have live-music on board. Such as the “Ois is Blues – Tram” (All is Blues – Tramway), a tramway with a live band on board. Additionally, at squares like Königsplatz or Wiener Platz, there are pianos standing around for everyone to play 🙂

Where do I have to go?
The locations are spread all over Munich, so you can’t visit all concerts. You better choose what is interesting by checking the programme. You can choose your concerts and print your own programme (only in German).

To get to the different locations, there are shuttlebuses. Those buses drive on four different routes. Of course, there are also the normal nightly transport systems available (Nightlines & Taxis) to take you home.

And the price?
This event is citywide in many locations.
Cost: 15 €/person
Included are all entrance fees and all rides with the shuttlebuses (Please note: Only the shuttlebuses are included. Normal Nightlines, tramways, buses, commuter trains are not!)

Where to get tickets?
At the box office (Tent at Odeonsplatz, open on 11th May 2013 from 5:00 pm).
In all participating locations
in “advance ticketing offices”

Where to get more Information?
see the official website (only in German) 😉

Here is a short clip of 2011 to see what will be going on:

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