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Sundown over Munich – The most trendy cocktails 2013

Skyline von München

Skyline of Munich

Munich is known for its beer and traditions, sure. But the fact that you can also enjoy delicious and trendy cocktails in Munich is somehow unknown. We show you which cocktails are trendy and where to find them.

First: the cocktail-bars…
Munich offers many good cocktail bars. We don’t think of trendy hipster-locations or party-locations for young people where a fight about prices and the alcohol amount in the “Long Island Ice Tea” is going on. We are talking about those real, cultivated, atmospheric after work cocktail bars. And yes, there are a few of them in Munich!

1. Schumanns
A classic among the cocktail bars. Prominent location. The owner is known as a character actor for a perfume label which produces perfume for … well, let’s say “older men”.
It is a must to see the maestro himself. Unfortunately, a prominent location does also mean prominent people. Well, at least that’s what the people think of themselves. Who doesn’t care about this can enjoy wonderful cocktails.

2. Mandarin Oriental Roofterrace (China Moon Dachterrasse)
Here you can not only enjoy excellent cocktails but also a wonderful view at the Munich skyline.
The terrace is open to the public (until 10 pm, May-October only). You can also have some snacks there, but better make a reservation…

3. Bayerischer Hof (Trader Vic’s)
A world of its own…. this is one of the advertising slogans of the probably best known 5-star-Hotels in Munich. And the same applies to it’s bars, especially the Trader Vic’s. Dark, beautiful wood, stylish and great cocktails… until 3 am in the morning 😉

4. Pusser’s
A wonderful location to have one or two cocktails after work. The production of the drinks is also well worth seeing… in this bar the probably best cocktails in town are mixed calmly and carefully. From time to time there’s a Jazz player (piano) in the basement of the bar. And when you get lost because of the wide choice of cocktails, just ask the friendly barkeepers and let them surprise you… or try one of the world famous painkiller-cocktails. But be careful! One of these painkiller-cocktails is said to have been used by a ship’s doctor as a narcotic 😉

Eine Bar

A Bar with spirits

And now… the trends:

  1. The classic: Cuba Libre
    Opinions are divided whether it is called Cuba Libre or Havana Cola. There are also different opinions about the rum (which one to use?) and if Coke with artificial sweetener is allowed. But it is a fact that this cocktail (well, long-drink) is always trendy and a classic in bars. It’s very easy to mix: Rum, Coke and a slice of lime. Very refreshing!
    How is it mixed?
    Our opinion: consistently good 😉
  2. The exotic one: Bombay Crushed
    A real highlight if you like the taste of gin. The cocktail is made of gin, kumquats (What is that?), cane sugar and lime juice. This mixture promises a pleasant bitterness with an exotic touch of lime aroma. A wonderful cocktail for a nice chilled summer evening.
    Those wanting to know how the Bombay Crushed is mixed, can have a look at the tutorial here.
    Our Opinion: Newcomer!
  3. The strange one: Munich Mule
    It took a long time for this cocktail with the city’s name to finally arrive in Munich.
    The Munich Mule is a bit strange. It doesn’t have typical Bavarian or Munich ingredients: Vodka, ginger beer/ginger ale and cucumber!
    But in contrast to the Moscow Mule barkeepers are often not sure about the exact ingredients (except the cucumber). Which means that you can have your Munich Mule with gin instead of vodka. Try to let your barkeeper know how you prefer it 😉
    For those of you who want to try and mix the Munich Mule at home, but don’t have any idea what ginger beer is (ginger beer – actually not a beer but a type of lemonade): try visiting an Asia-Shop. There is also one produced in Germany by the brand “Thomas Henry”. This ginger beer had to be renamed by court order, because in Bavaria it is forbidden to call a beverage “beer” when it actually is no beer ;-). Now the beverage is called “Spicy Ginger”…
    Our opinion: a little getting used to but as crazy and good just like Munich 😉
  4. The new old: Bluebery Mojito
    Once upon a time it was trendy to drink Caipirinha… and then a new wave arrived… Mojito… a sweet refreshing cocktail with mint aroma, which can knock you out. To give this cocktail a fruity taste, some barkeepers created the Blueberry Mojito, made with blueberries. But again,opinions about the ingredients seem to differ. Some use whole blueberries and mash them like in a Caipirinha or Mojito. Others use blueberry pulp or syrup. You have to decide for yourself what you like most. Here is a classic receipt. Whole blueberries, rum, sugar, mint, lime… and let the evening die away.
    Our opinion: Also a newcomer.

Please note: In Germany, it is allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of 16, liquor at the age of 18. Children and young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink cocktails containing liquor. Pregnant women caring about the health of their unborn should also avoid liquor. And never ever drink and drive – not even a bicycle. If you are stopped by the police riding a bicycle while you’re drunk you can loose your drivers license – even without driving your car drunk.

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