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German public transportation – The difference between U-Bahn and S-Bahn

For tourists, it is very difficult to see the difference between the U-Bahn (subway) und the S-Bahn (suburban trains). Actually, “S-Bahn” is the short form for “Schnellbahn” which means “fast train”.

In Munich – like in many other German cities – the difference between U- and S-Bahn is not really obvious. Ok, generally, the U-Bahn operates underground, the S-Bahn doesn’t….. Sounds logic….doens’t it?

Well… in Munich, the U-Bahn also operates overground sometimes… and the S-Bahn runs rather often in the underground. And this is where confusion for tourists begins.

A guy from England living in Germany for a longer time tries to explain the differences.

Watch it and everything will be clear 😉

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  1. Naja, wie du sagst: jetzt is alles völlig klar. Vielen Dank.

    Simple, really!