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Cocktail and coffee: The most beautiful roof terraces in Munich

München von obenWe were sipping cocktails. Of course no ordinary cocktails, but cocktails with a view. Here are three tips for you, where you can perfectly chill ordering great food and drinks – while enjoying a top view over Munich.

Hotspot # 1: Café Vorhoelzer

The cafe is situated on the 5th floor (and for the lazy of us: with elevator access) – directly on the roof of the Technical Univerity of Munich (TU München). There you have a 270 ° panoramic view over the city’s rooftops.
You can enjoy the beautiful sight while having a short brake. Coffee and all the other stuff is being prepared right before your eyes. And for the hungry they offer tasty lunch menues that even students can afford.

The cafe is open even in winter and in summer. In summertime, in addition to the deck chairs on the roof terrace, you will find cushions to it to get comfortable.
And who wants to throw a big party ne: One can also rent the cafe and make celebrations outside opening times.

But beware: It is not easy to find the right staircase and thus the cafe Vorhoelzer. And since the café is very popular among students by now, it may also happen that you have to quew behind 20 people at the bar.

Hotspot # 2: The roof terrace of the hotel “Bayerischer Hof”

The Bayerischer Hof Hotel is known for its distinguished guests. For example Empress Sisi of Austria and Michael Jackson have descended here. But where normally the prominence of the first squad walks along the red carpet, even mortals can take the elevator to the sixth floor and then go up a few stairs to walk to the roof terrace.

There you get a great 300-degree view over the city centre – directly to Frauenkriche, City Hall and the oldest church in Town, Old Peter. And here you can sip a cocktail, enyoing the view. On average, they cost a maximum of one Euro more than in other bars in town. Which is not cheap – like everything in Munich – but the price is ok. Especially if you think about this fantastic view.

Web: Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Hotspot # 3: The roof terrace in the hotel / restaurant “German Oak” (Deutsche Eiche)

A similar view is also available from the rooftop terrace of the hotel / restaurant “German Oak” (Deutsche Eiche). The traditional house is one of the oldest venues of gay and lesbian scene and is located near the Gärtnerplatz. From the roof terrace, it even offers a 360-degree panoramic views of Munich. Actually, the roof terrace is only for hotel guests. But if you ask nicely, may also be allowed to go up – at least the owner has assured us 🙂

Web: Hotel Deutsche Eiche

Hotspot # 4: The China Moon Roof Terrace at the Mandarin Oriental

The China Moon Roof Terrace from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is located in the center of Munich – it is an exclusive summer hot spot in the middle of downtown!
Designer furniture, lots of plants and a comprehensive 360-degree view will compensate for even the most strenuous sightseeing. You can try asian-oriental food there at sunset in the evening or or enjoy delicious cocktails in the afternoon sun. Please taste the delicious Gin Basil!

The rooftop pool is open to hotel guests only, but normal mortals also do have access from 12 to 22 o’clock!

Webseite: Mandarin Oriental München

Hotspot # 5: The Olympic Tower
If you want to see Schwabing from above and recover your tired feet, you can relax at the rotating restaurant in the Olympic Tower. You reach the restauraunt, 181 meters up in the air, and the viewing plattform by an elevator going up within a minute. At noon you can have lunch or simply have a snack. By night it is rather elegant. While you are dining, the restaurant slowly rotates 360 degrees in a circle. A “round” lasts about 40 minutes. On a clear day, you have a great view of Munich and the mountains. And especially fascintaing is a look inside the Olympic Stadium from above. A few steps up, above the rotating restaurant, there is a little rock music museum and the viewig plattform. So you needn’t necessarily go to the resuartant. You can also simply enjoy the view. After the visit at the Olympic Tower you can easily walk across the bridge that crosses “Mittlerer Ring” (a kind of autobahn through the city) and end up in front of the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.

Web: Drehrestaurant im Olympiaturm

We really, really hope that spring / summer finally come!


  1. Dachterrasse Bayerischer Hof
    Ist für Liebhaber der zu warmen Rotweine und schlechten Service zu empfehlen. Nach der Reklamation der Rotweintemperatur har der Terrassenmanager angeboten “ein paar Eiswürfel” zu bringen!!! Wenigstens das essen war in Ordnung.
    Am selben Morgen haben wir auf der Dachterrasse gefrühstückt und ich hatte mir das große Frühstück für über dreißig Euro gegönnt. Auf drei Ebenen Tablett verteilt wurden dann einige Scheiben Emmentaler, ein paar Stückchen Brie und zwei Sorten Wurstaufschnitt verteilt die sehr stark nach ALDI-Packung-auf-Inhalt-drauf ausgesehen hatten. Dazu ein paar UNGEWASCHENER (!!!) Trauben, die in der Speisekarte als “Frische Früchte” angekündigt waren. Gesamter Eindruck: enttäuschend. Die Betreiber geben sich keine Mühe.

  2. Hi,
    bei meiner Recherche hab ich auch noch zwei weitere Tipps gefunden:

    – LeBuffet Dachterrasse im Oberpollinger und
    – Flushing Meadows Bar im Glockenbachviertel.

  3. Yesterday it was my girlfriend’s 30th birthday. We wanted to do something special in Munich and celebrate it as she deserves. So we decided to go to the terrace of the Bayerischer Hof. The terrace is beautiful and the views are awe-inspiring. But the service is disastrous. The prices are clearly higher than in other bars or restaurants and for this reason we were expecting a sublime service. Well nothing is further from the truth.
    When we got there, we had no reservation, so we asked if they had any free table for 2. A waiter told us the terrace was fully booked, but we could sit on any table that gets available on a certain side space on the terrace. So we waited. When a table got free we sat. A waitress came to us and told us someone was already waiting for that table, so we apologized, stood up and kept on waiting. Some minutes later another table was going to get free and another couple came and took it before we could react. We were expecting the waitress to tell them that table was reserved for us, but she didn’t. I asked her to do her job and tell those customers that that table was for us, but she kept on arguing with us and tried to avoid doing her job. Instead she told us to take the next table that gets free. I got a little annoyed and I finally convinced her to do her job. She went to the table and said something to the other customers but they did not stand up and let us sit on the table that was theoretically reserved for us, which means that she didn’t do her job as she should have. She did not apply the same treatment to us as she did for the previous customer. She applied preferential treatment to the previous customer. That is unfair, rude and unprofessional.
    Luckily another table got free some minutes later and we could finally sit.
    We ordered beverages and food. The waiter brought the beverage for my girlfriend and 5 minutes later the beverage for me. As far as I understand, he should have served both beverages at the same time, especially when it comes to an exclusive restaurant.
    Some minutes later he brought the starter. The food was very good. The Carpaccio was fantastic.
    When we finished the starter, the waiter took around 20 minutes to bring us the main dishes, which I found way too long indeed. The main dishes were tasty and special.
    When we finished having dinner, we chatted for a while and felt like going home, so we ordered the bill. The waiter took 30 minutes to bring it. Unbelievable. He decided that picking up glasses and cleaning other tables was a priority. After 15 minutes we ordered the bill again and he said it was already ordered in an unpleasant tone. This was not true, because he was the one in charge of printing the bill at the cash. He didn’t apologize for the delay. When we finally got the bill, we paid and in order to show our dissatisfaction, we decided not to tip. At this point, the waiter did not take his chance either to apologize and he didn’t even say goodbye.
    The waiters from Bayerischer Hof are not professional waiters. They are arrogant students that have not received the proper training to serve customers that pay high prices for beverages and food. It is shameful that with such high prices, they do not hire more professional waiters or at least give them proper training. There should be more waiters on the terrace to reduce the time to serve customers or if you want to create an exclusive atmosphere, you should not let some many people in at the same time. That is a serious fault of the management from Bayerischer Hof.
    We were expecting to have a great time and an exclusive experience on Andrea’s 30th birthday at Bayerischer Hof, but it turned out to be certainly unpleasant. I have to admit that, when we have dinner at regular restaurants, we pay 1/3 of what we paid at Bayerischer Hof, they treat us a lot better and they serve us a lot faster.

  4. das Platzl Hotel in München hat auch eine feine Aussicht

  5. Die Bar im Bayrischen Hotel gefällt mir sehr gut. Da waren wir zuletzt im Winter oben auf der Terasse und hatten einen wunderbaren Blick auf die Innenstadt von München gehabt – sehr empfehlenswert, auch wenn das Glas Wasser mit 5 Euro schon ein wenig überteuert war. Von den anderen Locations ist mit mir das Café Vorhölzer noch relativ unbekannt, was sich demnächst aber ändern wird. Wisst ihr, wo ich eine wunderbare Tasse Kaffee getrunken habe? Bei Scout auf der Medienbrücke, wo auch eine Bar vorhanden ist. Wir besitzen zwar mit unseren Siemens Kaffeevollautomaten eine hochwertige Maschine für den Wachmacherdienst im Büro. Aber die Aussicht von so einer Brücke auf die Stadt mit einer Tasse in der Hand ist eine andere Dimension.

  6. Ich hab noch einen Geheimtipp. Das japanische Restaurant EMIKO im Hotel Louis hat eine wunderschöne Dachterasse. Das Sushi ist dort auch sehr zu empfehlen.

  7. Sooooo günstig ist das Cafe nicht… 3,50€ für manche Heißgetränke, ich würde eher sagen ziemlich normale Preise für München.

  8. Schön dass wir insoweit Eure Gedanken gelesen haben. 🙂
    Für mehr derartiger Tipps empfiehlt es sich immer wieder mal in diesem Blog vorbeizuschauen…
    Dann bis bald hier in München

  9. Wow! Vielen Dank für diesen heißen Tipp – genau sowas versuchen meine Freundin und ich gerade zu finden, da wir bald die schöne Landeshauptstadt besichtigen werden.
    Nochmals vielen Dank für den Hinweis 🙂