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Munich Beer off the beaten path

BierMunich is famous for its beer. There are the six big breweries (Augustiner, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu), which are known far beyond the borders of Munich and Germany. Some of these breweries are part of international beverage companies. Since they still brew within the city limits, they have therefore a right for serving beer during Oktoberfest. Beside the mainstream breweries, more and more micro-breweries are being seen in Munich. And they also produce great beer. The Munich Greeter have tested, where you can find the best beer.

Already common in the USA, the movement comes slowly to Germany. Not that there is a lack of good beers in Munich, but really new stuff isn’t offererd by the tradtional breweries.

I first want to mention my current personal favorite, the Crewale brewery at Fraunhoferstrasse. They make an english Pale Ale and the stronger (to survive the long sea voyage to the English colonies) variant of Imperial or India Pale Ale . Both beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law and have an incredibly intense taste of malt and fruit. Available for example at

Currently expanding very fast is the Giesinger Bräu. Here a variety of German style beers are produced which are now available in some bars. The brewery plans to expand using crowdfunding.

The Richelbräu is a small brewery in Neuhausen. A former Augstiner brewmaster is making some nice beer. You can’t buy the beer, but taste it on weekends for a small donation. There are always some events there and it pays off to look at the website.

Then there is the old ice factory, belonging to the Paulaner brewery. Here exclusive beers are brewed in small quantities.

And last but not least to all our guests who arrive or leave by plane: The Airbräu. Yes, Munich is probably the only airport with its own brewery. So if you want to have good beer before or after a flight then stop here.

To those who want to buy local bottled beer I recommend the Getränke Oase in Schwabing or the Beer-Point in Germering. They help with good advice and offer a really great selection of beers.


  1. BierPoint in Harthaus hat sehr seltene Sorten

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  3. Danke für die interessanten Tipps! Das Crew Ale haben wir auch gerade zum ersten Mal getrunken und waren begeistert (gut, nicht alle, so ein Ale muss man halt mögen …). Außerdem haben wir die großen sechs Münchner Biere mal einer Blindverkostung unterzogen, und das war schon interessant und überraschend, was dabei raus kam: … Die kleineren Brauereien aus deinem Blogbeitrag werden wir uns dann nächstes Mal anschauen …