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Munich – a reservation mania



Some of you may have been to Munich and have noticed: In Munich you can’t go to a well known, maybe hip & trendy restaurant/bistro/café, sit down and have a drink or lunch without a reservation. Especially not on Saturday afternoons or evenings.

The Greeters will show you how to get a place in such a situation.

Always the same old story… Nice weather, you go for a walk, meet friends and sooner or later you want to sit down, relax and have a coffee.

But those of you who believe that you can just sit down in a trendy cafe right in front of you, will be disappointed in most cases. Because the “reservation-problem” finally arrived in Munich. It feels like everything is reserved. So be quick and make your reservations. Unfortunately, you can’t be spontaneous this way.

The solution is to try other cafes (the non-trendy ones). You’ll be amazed how many locations that are not overcrowded also offer great service, free places and calm guest areas.

Here are some trendy locations and their (not so trendy) neighbours:

District Neuhausen:
The Sarcletti (ice-cream parlour) is known by almost every citizen. You can say, icecream-lovers in Munich are devided into two groups: The Sarclettis and the Balla-Benis. Balla-Beni is another ice-cream parlour in the district of Maxvorstadt. Both groups claim that “their” ice-cream parlour has the best ice cream in Munich. Therefore it is very hard to get a seat at Sarcletti’s. And the queue in front of the take-away ice bar is unbelievably long.

But there are some nice cafés just around the corner from Sarcletti’s. Take for example the Eiscafe Venezia at Rotkreuzplatz. There, chances are big that you will find a place to sit down … therefore, stay cool and decide where to go ;-).

Altstadt/Old City:
Those who find the Hofbräuhaus too crowded, too noisy and with too much alcohol in the air, may try out the Dürnbräu (in Dürnbräugasse) just around the corner. Here it is quieter and you can have a very traditional beer without that party stuff….

And if you don’t get a seat in the Weißes Bräuhaus, you can still try the Paulaner im Tal just across the street. Both restaurants serve good Bavarian food.

Glockenbachviertel (Glockenbach district):
Everybody in Munich knows Zoozies’ at Baldeplatz… a beautiful place to see and to be seen. That’s why Zoozies’ is often crowded. If there are no seats left, go a few blocks further. There is the “Kreuzberger“. Not as hip as Zoozies’, but also very nice. And here you can get Schweinsbraten (pork roast) with potato-dumplings and cabbage salad for only 7 €!

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  1. Besonders rappelvoll sind auch die Pizza und Pasta Restaurants sowie die Fast Casual Gastronomieläden hier in München, wo man sich für das Essen anstellen muss und teilweise 10 Minuten wartet. Das Essen ist jetzt nichts Besonderes. Aber das Ambiente macht den Reiz aus.