Munich Greeter

Looking back at 2012 – All the best for 2013!

We look back on a very successful year 2012 full of great Greets. After starting the Munich Greeters in November 2011 (with the first 4 Greets still in the same year), we are on the right track in 2012.

105 Greeter requests in 2012

We had a total of 105 Greeter requests from 26 different countries. Most of the inquiries, 42%, came from Germany. The rest of Europe and North America followed with 20% each. 11% of all inquiries came from Asia. Other regions (such as South America or South Africa) made up for 8%.

With 105 requests in 2012, our 10-12 active Greeters could do 62 Greets. This is really great! Unfortunately, 30 inquiries had to be answered negatively because none of our Greeters was available. Which means that we urgently need reinforcements! If you are interested in becoming a Greeter, simply drop by for a Stammtisch (regular’s table). Most of our Greeters work full-time, so it is not surprising that most of the requests which could not be satisfied asked for a Greeter on a weekday (19 of 30). All the more impressive that over 50% of our 62 Greets (32 of 62) took place on a business day!

Many guests in September

The requests are spread almost evenly throughout the year. Since March 2012 we had an average of 10 requests per month. The busiest month was September with 16 inquiries. November was, as expected, quite weak with only 6 Greeter requests. December was not as strong as we thought (7 inquiries).

Most of our guests have read about the Munich Greeter in print media such as newspapers and magazines, or stumbled upon us while researching the Internet (21% of the requests). 13% read about the Munich Greeter in Wikitravel / Wikipedia. 10% of our guests contacted us through the Global Greeter Network. There, not only the Munich Greeter, but also Greeter organizations in other cities and on other continents can be found. Whoever is planning a trip in 2013 should have a look!

For 2013 we are looking forward to more exciting guests from all around the world. And – of course – to more volunteers willing to share the fun of showing our beautiful city to our national and international guests.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013!


  1. Great! The Munich Greeter are looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Hai yvonne,
    Read about the global greeters in our local newspaper and decided to become a greeter from Bangalore, India . I really love the concept and looking forward to showing our beautiful city.
    We are in fact planning to visit Munich and schliersee in the month of August if we are lucky enough to get our bookings done ,we will be then book our greeters. Cheers
    Sarala purushothamNaidu.