Munich Greeter

Bad weather in Munich? Tollwood winter festival!

Strictly taken, the Tollwood is not a Christmas market. And it doesn’t pretend to be one. That’s why it calls itself a winter festival instead.

The Tollwood – a winter festival

But where is the difference?

First of all, in the range of products found there. You will not see the typical Christmas decoration articles. Instead the merchants offer handmade or only in small quantities produced things, often colourful, creative and well, let’s call it more “alternative”. The same applies to food and drinks: meant to be international, almost all of it is certified as organic. In general, you can see that the organizers do their best to raise awareness for environmental issues and the effects of globalization. Exhibitions, movies and lectures deal with those topics, concerts, performances, theatre and circus shows from international artists contribute. And the best: most of it is for free.

There’s a lot to see – inside and outside …

… e.g. exhibitions, lectures and movies at the Weltsalon (world saloon) …

… or how about a new hairstyle? At the Tollwood, nothing is impossible.

No, wait: the best is still to come. A big part if the festival area is housed in heated tents. Which means that you can look for original Christmas presents with warm feet. And if you are up to it, you can still go out to the snow to have a Glühwein/mulled wine (or maybe a Hot Coconut?) in the cold. As if you were at a “true” Christmas market.

Typical German food and drinks or international? No matter what you prefer – you’ll find it here.

Almost everything has an organic certification.

The Tollwood winter festival is open until December 23nd from Monday to Friday 2pm – 1am and 11am – 1am on the weekends. If you can’t get enough of it, you have the chance to visit the theatre tent or the New Year’s party until December 31st. Nevertheless, the booths will already be dismantled.