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Woodcarver´s wonderland: The Crèche Market in Munich

Right there in the middle of the pedestrian zone, on Neuhauser Straße, is a special Chrismas market – the crèche market („Kripperlmarkt“). It´s a small market – only half a dozen booths huddle between the “Bürgersaal” and the Richard-Strauss-Fountain.

The crèche market is a traditional part of the Munich Chrismas markets – it exists since the middle of the 18th century. Here you find everything for your own nativity scene and also beautiful Chrismas tree decorations.

Woodcarvers from Oberammergau, South Tyrol and the Erzgebirge offer a large variety of figurines. From plain Infant Jesus figurines half an inch long to artfully coloured and brightly clad Magi – everything you need to populate the empty crèches on display is available.

Of course, the classic setting consists of the Holy Family, the ox, the donkey and the Magi. To arrange a livelier scene, get a herd of elephants or a tiger to accompany them. If you consider elephants too exotic, take a flock of geese instead.

Besides, you can buy all sorts of accessories – the little buckets and shovels, miniature footstools and walking-sticks etc. can also be used to furnish a dollhouse.  If you need a small present for children, you might find something pretty.

Nobody needs to starve while deciding on what to buy: in addition to the omnipresent mulled wine, you can snack hearty organic sausages.

After you have finished your sausage and want to get back to your hotel – it´s just a short walk to the underground station “Sendlinger Tor” or the train station (S-Bahn) “Karlsplatz”.

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