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Autumn in Munich: Don’t miss the Auer Dult

Swimming in the river Isar? Too cold now! Oktoberfest? Over! Beergardening? Past! Directly after the Oktoberfest you can feel it… Autumn is coming. It’s getting cooler and Munich get’s its “Indian Summer”: the trees shine in yellow and red colours.

But is there anything special about autumn in Munich? Indeed, there are many things to explore in Munich during autumn. For example the “Auer Dult” or “Auer-Kirchweih-Dult” in the district called Au (20.10.2012 – 28.10.2012, from 10 am until 7 pm).

What is the “Auer Dult”?
The Auer Dult is a festival, mixed with with traders / stalls that sell everyday items such as pots, pans, dishes, socks and much more. But if you think you will get Oktoberfest feeling, you’re wrong. There are no beer tents and no celebrations like on the Oktoberfest. But what you can enjoy there, are some rides and many culinary delights.

Why is it also called “Auer-Kirchweih-Dult”?
The word “Dult” comes from the Old- and Middle-High-German language meaning “festival, celebration, carnival, church festival” and has established itself in the Bavarian language. There are three fairs throughout the year, and every Dult has its own name. In the month of May there is the “Auer Mai Dult”, in July the “Auer Jakobi Dult” (around the day of St. Jacob, 25th July) (also known as “Auer Summer Dult”), and in October we celebrate the “Auer Kirchweih Dult”.

Why visit?
In contrast to the Oktoberfest only a few tourists find their way to Auer Dult. So visiting this market/festival would be something different, wouldn’t it?.

If you want to see what’s going on at the “Auer Dult”, watch this (sorry, in German):

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