Munich Greeter

<!–:de–>Oktoberfest: Einmal Wiesn-Eis, bitte<!–:–><!–:en–>Oktoberfest: Icecream with Wiesn-Taste, please<!–:–>

What do you think about summer?

Right! Sun and fun at the sea… And what else? Right! Icecream.

And what dou you think about Oktoberfest?

Right again! Beer, chicken und roasted almonds.

But what on earth has one thing to do with the other? You can find out about this strange connection in Amalienstraße 77 in Maxvorstadt. There you will find a young icecream-maker. His shop is called “The crazy icecream-maker”. There you can buy crazy sorts of icecream that get you attuned to Oktoberfest.

He sells Icecream with beer, chicken or Weißwurst taste. You think, we are kidding? God, no! The shop is really worth a visit due to all his crazy creations. By the way, the icecream-maker often gets inspired by ideas of his customers. And people like to taste his icecream… however…. you have to get used to Icecream with Weißwurst taste in a Bretzl first 😉

More info on this crazy icecream-maker on Facebook


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