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Oktoberfest – Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

In some internet forums thousands of questions about the Oktoberfest are being discussed. Therefore the Munich Greeters have summarized these frequently asked questions for you. And we bust some Oktoberfest-myths by the way 😉
Riesenrad auf dem Oktoberfest

  1. Is there an entry fee for the Oktoberfest-grounds? No!

    The Oktoberfest is a festival and not a rock concert. You can enter the grounds free of charge!

  2. Is there an entry fee for the beer-tents? No!

    This is often discussed by Munich politicians and tent-owners, but there is no entry fee. But keep in mind that beer-tents use the slogan “first come first serve”. It is possible, that the tents are so crowded, that they have to close for security reasons. Then you can’t get in (Exception: those who have reservations and „Re-Enter-Cards“).

  3. Do you need a reservation fort he beer-tents to get in? No!

    All tents have areas with reserved tables and areas where no reservation is allowed. This is a regular discussion by Munich politicians and beer-tent owners. In 2012 (a bit) and 2013 the rules about reservations are renewed and give more space for people without a reservation.

    In summary: You can enter the tent and find a table to sit down without a reservation. Just keep in mind not to sit down at reserved tables. The best way is to ask a waitress/waiter where to sit down.

  4. Is it possible to pay in other currencies than Euro in the beer tents? No!

    It is not possible. But there are some ATM’s at the Oktoberfest which give you Euros. (also see question 5)

  5. Are there ATM’s at the Oktoberfest? Sure!

    For example near the subway station. But keep in mind that the Oktoberfest is visited by nearly 6 million people in two weeks. So you maybe have to qeue up and wait for other 20 people using the ATM.

  6. Are there toilets inside the beer tents or do I have to look for a toilet outside? There are toilets inside the tents!
  7. Is smoking allowed inside the tents? No!

    Inside of the beer tents it is forbidden to smoke since 2010. But there are some balconies or special places for smokers where they can go without leaving the tent.

  8. Are there other beverages than beer served in the beer-tents? Of course!

    Although beer is served the most, there are other beverages you can buy (e.g. water and lemonade). Just have a look at the menu.

  9. Will hotels in Munich rise their prices during Oktoberfest? Yes, they do!

    Hotels, especially near the Oktoberfest grounds rise their prices (double or sometimes triple).

  10. Do I have to pay with coupons in the beer-tents/Do I have to buy coupons first? No!

    You can pay cash (Euros). There are people who have coupons, but you will only get coupons if you have a reservation (and prepaid the drinks and meals) or you are working for the beer-tent owners or breweries (staff).

  11. Do I have to tip the waiters/waitresses? Not neccesarily, but it is polite and usual (See also our blog post 5 things you should never do at the Oktoberfest)
  12. Can I make a reservation for a table? How much is the price? No!

    You can’t make a reservation anymore, because all tables are reservated. Usually, the tents are fully booked after May of the year. If you want a table now, you’re too late! Better luck for 2013…

    A reservation is not free of charge and you can not only order 2 or 3 places. You only can book a whole table (calculated for 10 persons) and you have to buy at least You have to buy at least 2 liters beer and half a roasted chicken for every person. That is about 290 € (without tip).

  13. Is the Oktoberfest outside of the city? No!

    It is in the city, about  10-15 min. by foot from central station.

  14. Is there a traditional parade every day? No!

    The traditional parade only takes place once – on the first Sunday of Oktoberfest (2012: 23/09/2012)

  15. Is there a car-park at the Oktoberfest? No!

    Visitors of the Oktoberfest aren’t allowed to park their cars on the grounds. The car-parks (garages) and parking lots in the near districts are also fully packed. Looking for an empty space is a waste of time. Try to use subway, tram or bus to get to the Oktoberfest.

  16. How long are the tents open? And the rides?
    Mon-Fr. 10:00 am until 11:00 pm (last order 10:30 pm)
    Sa/Su/Holiday (=03.10.2012): 09:00 am until 11:00 Uhr (last order 10:30 pm)
    But there are exceptions. Two tents (Käfer’s Wiesnschänke and the Weinzelt) open until 01:00 am, last order 0:15 am)

    Rides (rollercoasters, etc.):

    Mon-Fr: 10:00 am until 11:30 pm
    Sa/Su/Holiday (=03.10.2012) 09:00 am until midnight.

  17. Are there camping sites near Oktoberfest? No!

    And police will not be amused to find you camping in a park or in the streets and therefore fine you.

    There are official camping sites in and around Munich:


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