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5 things you should never do at the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Karussel

Oktoberfest Karussel

  1. Avoid the Urin-Bergl („pee-hill“)On the westside of Oktoberfest, you can see a small slope. Above thrones the Bavaria-Statue with the district called „Schwanthalerhöhe“ behind. At this “pretty” place, you can see people sitting or lying on the slope, some of them asleep because of a little bit to much alcohol in their blood. Only what people not from Munich do not know (or they do not care because of their drunkenness): that little slope (bavarian: „bergl“) is (ab)used as a urinal. Therefore: Never, never, never sit or lay on that slope ;-).
  2. Bringing your own drinks to the tentWell, beer is pretty expensive at the Wiesn (around € 9 per liter). But drinking your own beer (or other beverage) you’ve brought with you to the tent is not funny, and you will get kicked out of the tent rather soon … and then you’ve lost your seat.
  3. To eat nothingMany people don’t eat at the Oktoberfest – especially not in the tent. But as a tourist, you should definitely try one of the many culinary delights of this traditional food. You will not regret it. Weekdays at noon, the Oktoberfest is not yet as busy, hence you can order your meal and eat without stress. What to try as a tourist? Find out here.
  4. Not tipping the waiters / waitressesEven if the prices include the service charge, tipping is customary. The waiters/waitresses work very hard (at peak times they carry every 3-5 minutes up to 12 Beer mugs [about 20 kilos] or food transported on large trays through a tipsy or drunken crowd) That should be honoured.
  5. To order a “Maas”As a tourist, you are not able to speak Bavarian and that’s ok. Therefore you should know: the usually ordered beverage in a beer tent is the “Maß”. The “Maß” is a drink or the mug. It is not a unit of volume or a measurement instrument. Hence you don’t say “Maß” (“Maaas”) but “Maß” (“masss”).If you order “eine Maß” at the Oktoberfest, you automatically get a mug of Oktoberfest-beer. If you want to drink beer with less alcohol, you have to connect the word “Maß” with another word. E.g. “Radler-Maß” (half beer, half lemonade; “Radler” means biker or cyclist*). Thus: “Eine Radler-Maß bitte!”

* In Bavaria it is not uncommon to mix beer with lemonade. It makes its taste more sweet and the alcohol is reduced. This mixture is called “Radler”, english: biker or cyclist. That name was given, because of the cyclists and drivers who can’t/don’t want to drink undiluted beer.


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