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How to dress for Oktoberfest

Foto: Trachten at Angermaier

Oktoberfest is coming and with it the question arises of what to dress. Of course, you do not want to be easily identified as a tourist.

In case you’re thinking about wearing some kind of Trachten (traditional Bavarian clothes), here are some basic rules to keep in mind:

For the girls, the traditional dress (Dirndl) consists of various pieces:

  1. the dress itself: it is usually made from cotton, linen or silk. The neck line is either angular or round; the skirt starts at waist height. The length of the Dirndl may vary. The most common ones are knee long – short enough to allow you to dance on the beer banks, but not so short that other people see your underwear while you are up there.
  2. a short blouse (belly free), which is worn underneath the Dirndl
  3. an apron – think carefully before tying it. A knot at your left means that you are engaged, at your right side it shows that you are free to have.
  4. of course, there exist various typical accessories, e.g. bags or knee-length socks. But never wear boots with a Dirndl – simple black shoes are good enough.

And how about the boys?

  1. Leather breeches (normally with suspenders)
  2. a shirt (most of the shirts seen on Oktoberfest are either chequered or white)
  3. knee-length socks or loferl socks (link to German web page). The latter ones come in two pieces: a short sock just up to the ankle and a second part which covers the calf.
  4. haferl shoes or leather shoes in general
  5. and maybe a hat. The traditional ones are expensive – with a real Gamsbart (chamois tuft) on top they may be worth several hundred Euros.

Shops for buying Trachten spring up all over Munich shortly before Oktoberfest so you should not have any difficulties in finding the right clothes for you. In case you have doubts: maybe one of our Greeter can accompany you on your shopping tour 🙂


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