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Beer hikes far off the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest means hordes of people, noise and drunkenness. Who likes to enjoy his beer in a more relaxing atmosphere could do the following:

The Church of Andechs Monastery

Hiking to Andechs

It is well known that monasteries tend to produce the best beer. This is why the Andechs Monastery attracts droves of visitors from Munich. Andechs is the perfect alternative to Oktoberfest.

The best hiking trail (link to German web page) leads from the city of Herrsching at Ammersee lake to the Andechs Monastery. Walking time is about one hour. The well signposted footpath leads along the Kienbachtal and through a nice forest. At the end the trail becomes a bit steep – no wonder that most of the visitors head directly to the legendary monastery tavern or the beautiful beer garden to order a fresh beer. Beer and Pretzl are recommendable, the food – typical Bavarian dishes – is good although a bit expensive.

Aying Brewery

Beer hike to Aying and Erding

Aying and Erding are music to the ears of beer lovers. Both places are known for their fantastic beer. Unfortunately, this beer is not available at the Oktoberfest – both breweries have their production sites outside of Munich and are thus not allowed to sell their beer there.

Those who wants to taste their specialities will have to go on a pilgrimage to the surroundings. The hiking trails and everything you should know about breweries and beer can be found in the book “Bierwanderungen rund um München”. The book also includes a slightly different way than the one explained above to Andechs. You can also download the route descriptions from the web page – unfortunately you will need a German speaker to translate for you. The effort is worth it: at the end of each tour (or trip by commuter train 😉 a brewery tour and a fresh beer await you.

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