Munich Greeter

Highlights for kids around Marienplatz

If you’re traveling and shopping with kids you might know this situation: You walk a lot in the pedestrian zone and the children usually don’t have no fun. It helps a bit if you bring some variety to the sightseeing or shopping. Or even better if you can link both :-).

In the department store Konen at the Rindermarkt there is a nice slide down into the basement. Also a ball pit and a Wii station. At the same time the kids play Mama and Papa can buy nice clothes here.

The second place is the shoe store Tretter in the Neuhauser Str 1 A. Here you will find a small and subtle slide, which is fine but not as quite as spectacular as the one at Konen.

If you want to show your children how a phone looked like back in the “old days”, this can be done in the World of Milka in the Schrannenhalle: An age-old rotary phone allows you to call grandma and grandpa and tell them greetings from Munich. Mama and Papa can try on a dirndl or a real Bavarian lederhosen. And buy lots of chocolate.

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