Munich Greeter

5 things you have to try when visiting Oktoberfest

1. Hendl (roasted chicken)

A traditional meal – a roasted chicken – is usually served as a half. Even locals who don’t go (or don’t want to go) to the Oktoberfest can’t refuse this delicious meal and get one. Many locals also claim that there is no better roasted chicken than those at the Oktoberfest. As a Tourist to Oktoberfest you should not miss the “Hendl” (unless you’re a vegetarian – for those who are, the Oktoberfest also has a lot to try ;-))

2. Beer

Riesiger Maßkrug auf dem OktoberfestWell…. Oktoberfest is not only a traditional festival but also the “Feast of Munich beer”. Only breweries from the city are allowed to serve their beer. Hence one should try the beer. What brand? The opinions diverge on that point (as everywhere in the world where several breweries produce beer in the same place). Which one’s the “best” you have to decide for yourself. But no matter which brand you try, you should know about the alcohol in it (with around 6% higher than regular beer) and you should know about how much you can drink. And NEVER EVER: Drink & Drive!

3. Bratwurstsemmel (roasted sausage in a bun)

A classic snack for those who are a little bit hungry or if there is no more room in the tents. You can watch the hurly-burly while you can relax and fill your belly. Where to get the best Bratwurstsemmel? Once again you have to decide which one tastes the best. But one thing all the Bratwurstsemmeln have in common: They are always freshly prepared. With mustard, ketchup or just plain? Again you can decide. There is no rule. Traditionally it is eaten with medium-hot mustard.

4.gebrannte Mandeln (roasted almonds)Werbung für gebrannte Mandeln auf dem Oktoberfest

Not a traditional Oktoberfest product but an absolute must when you visit the “Wiesn”. The almonds are roasted and get a sugar (cinnamon/sugar) coating. During Oktoberfest time you can slightly smell this sort of sweets throughout the inner city. Eating fresh roasted, warm almonds and watching people in the rollercoasters…could it get better?

5. Schokofrüchte (Fruit with chocolate coating)

Fresh fruits are skewered, dipped into warm, melted chocolate and then cooled so that the chocolate coating hardens and produces a crisp, sweet shell around the fruits. Ideal as a dessert or completion of a visit to the Oktoberfest. Classics are strawberries, but there are also other fruits and combinations possible. Try it, but be careful – it’s addictive! 😉


  1. Für mich noch ein absolutes Must Have: Raiwadadschi (auf deutsch: Kartoffelpuffer) 😀
    Mit vieeel Apfelmuß ein Traum. Aber man sollte sich wirklich mal durch diese Liste probieren. Kulinarisch hat die Wiesen so viel zu bieten!

  2. Oh ja, es gibt noch total viele andere leckere gute Sachen zu Probieren auf der Wiesn. Ochsensemmel, Steckerlfisch, Dampfnudeln, Kässpatzen, und und und…. an guaden!

  3. Unbedingt auch eine Ochsensemmel aus der Ochsenbraterei essen. Gibts im Zelt und kann m.W. auch bei geschlossenem Zelt gekauft werden. Lecker!