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The Hofbräuhaus – Tourist trap or tradition?

One of the numerous regular’s tabels meeting every week

The Oktoberfest, good beer and the Hofbräuhaus are integral parts of Munich. No wonder the traditional beer house attracts hordes of visitors. But what do Munich’s citizens think about it? Has it become a pure tourist trap?

No, you cannot say so. To no other place in Munich the saying “live and let live” is more applicable. Japanese tourists and Bavarians in traditional leather breeches sit side by side; Americans share their table with immigrants from northern Germany, enjoying liter-glasses of beer (“Maß”) and cheering to the traditional music. Everybody is everybody’s friend, the world is fine, the food is good and the price / performance ratio is convincing.

This may also be the reason for the large number of regular’s tables meeting here every week: about 100 of them can be found in the Hofbräuhaus. Each of them is marked by a special sign hanging from the ceiling. People meet to have a drink, discuss politics and everyday life and spend a goof time. Who comes to Hofbräuhaus regularly can get a “Stammgastkarte”, a special card for buying beer at a reduced price: 7 Euro insted of 7.30 Euro per Maß. Beer becomes even cheaper when buying a pack of ten token coins – the 11th Maß will then be for free.

Beer mug, token coins, dish brush in Bavaria’s traditional colours blue and white

And now guess how much he has to pay for all that fun? Only 3 Euro per year!

When getting in through the main entrance, the lockers can be found on the left side. It might be worth waiting there for one of the regulars to get his beer mug.

When asking him about his opinion, I’m sure he’ll tell you that the Hofbräuhaus is a quite unique place not to be missed – not mainly a tourist trap.

In case some of your friends prefer some more intelectual activities to drinking beer when visiting Munich, just send them to the second floor of the Hofbräuhaus. The museum explaining the last 400 years of the building’s history might be a good alternative for them.

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