Munich Greeter

Russia: same same or different?

A greet is a great opportunity to get to know people from all over the world and to find out more about their ways of life. To give just one example: the visitors from Russia greeter Ramona welcomed last week.

Have you ever noticed that the opera in Munich looks like the one in Moscow? Compared the German and Russian educational system while strolling around the university buildings in Maxvorstadt? Heard theories about Hitler's cocaine consumption? Discussed prices for housing in Munich or compared national litter separation systems?

Bolshoi-Theatre Moscow and National Theatre Munich: Which is which? (Fotos: Wikipedia)

Those are only some of the numerous possible things you might talk about during a greet. We are always open to questions, so feel free to ask whatever you would like to know about life in Munich. And the best: you can do this in German, English or any language you share with your greeter – unfortunately Russian is not yet among the languages we speak.


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