Munich Greeter

Public walk through Neuhausen

Church Herz Jesu in Neuhausen

On Sunday, March 25 How to win back your ex

th, splendid sunshine accompanied us on our third public walk. This time it was Florian’s turn to show us his favourite neighbourhood, Neuhausen.

14 guests (including one from Ukraine) got not only an insight into the Greeter idea but also discovered some interesting details about Munich’s second largest district. Have you for example ever heard about the “Wasservogelbrauch”, the tradition of the water bird? Until 1828 (when an incident brought an end to it) every Whit-Monday one guy was chosen to dress up like a bird. His friends would then walk around with him to ask for free food and drinks before he ended up thrown in a pond late at night. The tradition has been re-started some years ago and is now taking place every second year – the next time in 2013.

Of course we got not only to hear stories, but also to see some places: Starting on lively Rotkreuzplatz we followed the Wendl-Dittrich-Straße up to the “Siedlung Neuhausen”*. This Siedlung was one of the first housing estates in Munich. Nowadays it is partially protected as a cultural heritage, among others because one of its parts, the “Amerikanerblock” (so-called because it was financed by credits from the United States), is considered an important example for New Objectivity in architecture.

From there we continued on Winthirstraße to get a glimpse at the churches Winthir* and Herz Jesu* (where we stopped trying to decipher the St John Passion written on the main portal in a kind of cuneiform) and returned on Frundsbergstraße (passing the Victorian House*) back to Rotkreuzplatz*.

*link to German web site


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