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<!–:de–>Wo schmeckt's? Drei Veggi-Restaurants im Test<!–:–><!–:en–>Where to get great food? Three vegetarian restaurants in a test<!–:–>

Vegetarians have to eat. And that’s not always easy – even less in Munich, where the food tends to be meat-based. So where can you enjoy a great dinner without pork and chicken?

Tip 1: Prinz Myshkin

Munich’s probably best known vegetarian restaurant can be found directly in the city centre: Prinz Myshkin. It’s always crowded and thus recommendable to reserve in advance if you plan to get there after 6.30 pm.
The choice of food is enormous: Delicious starters and salads, main courses which surely satisfy your appetite and unforgettable desserts. For a meal like this you do not mind paying a bit more.
The visitors are typical for Munich, dressed up and a bit “Schickimicki” (posh and slightly snobby). The visit is a feast for the eyes, one could say – in every way.

Tip 2: Max Pett

Also in the city centre, near Sendlinger Tor and surrounded by the university hospitals is the rather unspectacular looking Max Pett – vegans welcome!
Here there’s everything available, no matter if you prefer “scrambled eggs” with smoked tofu, Carpaccio of beetroot or vegan döner kebab with tzatziki and olives.
The absolute highlight is the Kaiserschmarrn, which is a speciality (a sort of pancake) everybody visiting Munich should at least try once. And why not finish with a coffee with oat milk?!

Tip 3: Café Ignaz

The Ignaz can already be considered an institution. The café, which is connected to an old-styled bakery/confectionery (“slow food”) is minuscule. That’s why you need to be lucky or have a reservation. The food tastes home-made. The regular Sunday brunch with delicious pastry products and exotic salads made from sprouts and vegetables is highly recommended.

Have fun trying the food!

By the way: We Munich Greeters are always willing to test new restaurants. Just ask.


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