Munich Greeter

Valentine’s special II: Sweet Dreams

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and you still need a present for your sweetheart (maybe you didn’t like the idea of the “Erotic art”-tour in the Alte Pinakothek)?

Why don’t you pay “Sama Sama” a visit, a small shop near Viktualienmarkt selling hand-made pralines?  For their unique creations, a nougat or marzipan base is mixed with delicious flavours or fruits like pepper, mango, blueberry or pistachio and then richly decorated. All of them are worth a little sin – not only the “Venus Nipple”, which became famous as an aphrodisiac in the movie “Chocolat” (starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp).

Of course quality has its price, but the little artworks are definitely worth it. Everything is produced without preservatives, so you should not keep the pralines for too long – but I am sure this will no problem.

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