Munich Greeter

Schäfflertanz (dance of the coopers)

These days, there is a special event taking place in Munich, which can only be seen every seven years: the Schäfflertanz.

According to the legend, this traditional dance dates back to 1517, when the Schäffler – the craftsmen working in the production of wooden barrels – did their best to cheer up Munich’s population after the end of the plague epidemic. With music and dance they convinced them to leave their houses and to get back to their normal lives.

As you might imagine, even in Bavaria there are not too many Schäffler left nowadays, which is why people from other nearby professions in the meanwhile have been allowed to join them. Luckily, those who form part of the group are quite busy until the 21st of February and there are plenty of chances for watching their performance.

So if you don’t want to wait until 2019, respond to their call, come to Munich (even when it’s freezing outside) and enjoy the dance!

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