Munich Greeter

<!–:de–>ThemenGeschichtsPfade: "Frauenbewegung in München"<!–:–><!–:en–>Thematic History Trails: "Women’s Movement in Munich"<!–:–>

Not a long time ago, we presented the KulturPfade (cultural history trails) in the German blog – small but interesting brochures on the different Munich districts which can be downloaded for free (unfortunately only in German).

But it gets better: Take a look at the ThemenGeschichtspfade (Thematic History Trails). Until now, three of those brochures have been published: Two on “National Socialism in Munich” and one on the “History of the lesbian and gay movement in Munich” (the last one not yet available in English). All of them recommend a short city tour of historic trails and offer additional information on the visited places in form of an audio guide (MP3). And the best: For the tours on “National Socialism in Munich” there is an English version of the audio guides available – just great for a city exploration on your own.

Now we have learnt from a well-informed source that a new brochure will be published in March 2012, this time on “Women’s Movement in Munich” – hopefully in English as well.

We are looking forward to it and to following the historic trails.


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