Munich Greeter

The longest greeter tour

Normally a city tour with a Munich Greeter takes about one or two hours. Nevertheless, in some special cases, it may take a bit longer.

Munich Greeter Yvonne met visitor Bettina from Cologne at 12.30 for a traditional Bavarian lunch, because Bettina wanted to try „Bayerische Schmankerl“ (Bavarian delicacies, see picture). You could say that Bettina already was an (half-)expert in local specialities – at least considering Bavarian beer. Together with her friend Ramona, who is living in Munich, she had participated in a blind beer tasting: 10 beers were put in similar glasses, then numbered and compared. And the winner was: the Tucher Christmas beer. I would like to offer Bavaria my deepest condolences (Tucher is made in Nuremberg, which is part of Franconia. If you want to find out more about the love-hate relationship between Bavaria and Franconia I would recommend you to participate in a greeter tour yourself).

To the retrieval of Bavaria’s honour I have to state that Munich’s best beer – Augustiner-Bräu – was not part of the test. The „Andechser Helle“, a light-coloured beer from Andechs monastery, ended up in third place.

After a light lunch with Knödel (potato dumplings), Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles) and Ente (duck), which somehow took three hours, we started our tour in Haidhausen, where we passed cosy small houses and visited tiny owner-managed shops. When it got dark Yvonne suggested another highlight: the Christmas market on Weißenburger Platz – one of the nicest in Munich. There are almost no tourists, but a lot of different booths with nice things to look at, to buy and to taste. After spending some time looking around and drinking hot mulled wine made from honey or blueberry it was suddenly 7 pm – time for dinner.

To get to know Munich’s complete „gamut“, the day ended at an Indian restaurant. The waiters taking care of the girls were extremely charming/nice and offered not only a free dessert, but also an after-dinner drink with mango juice and other delicacies. Bettina from Cologne has already chosen her favourite Indian restaurant in Munich.

22.30: end of the greeter tour

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