Munich Greeter

17 December 2012
by Andy

Go West! The Christkindlmarkt in Munich Neuhausen

It doesn’t stick to the eye and as a tourist you don’t automatically stumble over it. Sometimes you might even miss this little district christmas-market in the heart of the district Neuhausen. The speciality of this christmas-market is, that there’s … Continue reading

15 December 2012
by Insa

Woodcarver´s wonderland: The Crèche Market in Munich

Right there in the middle of the pedestrian zone, on Neuhauser Straße, is a special Chrismas market – the crèche market („Kripperlmarkt“). It´s a small market – only half a dozen booths huddle between the “Bürgersaal” and the Richard-Strauss-Fountain. The … Continue reading

11 December 2012
by Ramona
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Bad weather in Munich? Tollwood winter festival!

Strictly taken, the Tollwood is not a Christmas market. And it doesn’t pretend to be one. That’s why it calls itself a winter festival instead. But where is the difference? First of all, in the range of products found there. … Continue reading

3 December 2012
by Yvonne

Christmas Market in Munich: Did you already FLÖFF ?

It’s finally advent seson in Munich! Which also means Christmas market time. It’s hard to choose your favorite one in a town which seems to host a 100 of them. Actually, there seems to open a new one every year … Continue reading